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Bionic 2018

Data inizio: 26 Settembre 2018 - Data fine: 28 Settembre 2018

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INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM Biology of non-canonical nucleic acids: from humans to pathogens

Nucleic acids with structures different from the classic Watson and Crick double helix are increasingly being recognized as important regulators of the genetic function. Indeed, non-canonical nucleic acid structures have been shown to regulate the genome of humans, other eukaryotes, prokaryotes and viruses. The meeting will cover all aspects of non-canonical nucleic acids, from biological activity in humans and microorganisms to structure, from detection methods to targeting. The anticancer and antimicrobic activity of non-canonical nucleic acid-targeted compounds will be specifically addressed. All major and renowned experts in this area from all over the world will be present. The meeting aims at presenting the latest discoveries in the field, bring together and confront researchers and expose junior scientists.

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